Proos urges promotion of Pure-Michigan-grown foods

LANSING – A resolution introduced on Wednesday by Sen. John Proos encourages the state’s economic development and promotion agency to extend the highly successful Michigan apple campaign to other Michigan-grown products.

“One of the things that make Michigan agriculture stand apart nationally is the diversity of our crops and produce,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “Only one state produces more types of crops than Michigan, which is something we should take pride in. Given the positive reaction to Pure Michigan’s promotion of Michigan apples, it makes sense to extend this campaign to our state’s wide selection of agricultural goods.”

Proos’ resolution encourages the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to work through the Pure Michigan Campaign and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to promote Michigan-grown foods.

“The growth of farmers’ markets has proven that there is interest in healthy, fresh foods in our community and throughout the country,” Proos said. “This resolution would draw attention to the impact of agriculture on our economy and way of life and the goods we are producing right here in Southwest Michigan.”

Proos noted that bringing attention to high quality Michigan products, such as wines, fruits and berries, corn and other vegetables, and livestock, would only reap greater rewards for Michigan and its farmers.

“In Southwest Michigan, we produce high quality agricultural products of all varieties,” said Van Buren County Farm Bureau President Tod Kubiszak. “As members of the agricultural community, we should take advantage of the popularity of fresh, locally grown products and promote them as effectively as possible.”

Proos added: “I urge our state officials to identify marketable Michigan-grown crops and use the promotional expertise of the Pure Michigan campaign to highlight our diverse goods.”