Proos surveys flood damage

LANSING, Mich.Sen. John Proos on Monday attended the Berrien County Emergency Operation Center meeting with Berrien County Sheriff Emergency Manager Rockey Adams and then surveyed the damage from the air with officials from the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport.

“I commend the professional and well-coordinated effort that Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey is leading during this county emergency,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “It is extraordinary to watch the cooperation of state and local agencies and area nonprofit organizations to step up to help so many people impacted by this ongoing disaster.”

Proos said that Berrien County residents and business owners can now report flood damage to the sheriff’s office by calling 1-800-815-5485 or by filling out a damage form online at

Emergency funding is available for low-income families affected by the flood. The Berrien County Department of Health and Human Services will have a special team to assist flood victims. Residents should contact the department at (269) 934-2000.

“This is a difficult time for many residents throughout Berrien County, yet local emergency management officials are working with public and private entities to help,” Proos said. “Historic flooding has displaced so many of our neighbors, and without these outstanding coordinated efforts, the risk for injury and loss would be even greater. Although the river has crested, the flood waters can still be damaging and the work to help affected communities recover continues.”

Proos said that seven assessment teams are surveying damage and entering affected regions of the county. Results are expected to be in a full report to the governor on Friday.


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