Proos staff member Inna Mirzoyan, living the American dream, becomes a U.S. citizen

LANSING—Sen. John Proos recently took to the Senate floor to pay tribute to a milestone recently achieved by one of his office staff – becoming an American citizen.

“During our busy lives, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in America and to have the liberty and freedom that comes with being an American citizen,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “Inna Mirzoyan, a part-time member of my staff, recently reminded us of this privilege we take for granted. She is now a proud U.S. citizen, and I am honored to have her working for the people of Southwest Michigan.”

Mirzoyan’s parents were born in Azerbaijan and worked as lawyers until they moved to Ukraine to flee the genocide against Christian Armenians.

“When I became an official United States citizen this year, I was surprised to be overcome with emotion because I have lived here since I was four,” said Mirzoyan. “However, one piece of paper signified years of struggle my family has endured and getting honored on the Michigan Senate floor showed me that the American Dream is becoming much more of a reality.”

Proos said, “Inna is a reminder of the value of liberty in the world. As a 4-year-old Ukrainian citizen, she came to the United States with her parents and brother. She is now in her final year at Michigan State University, where she’s studying social relations and policy. As the struggle for freedom in the Ukraine is in the news and the issues of immigration are vexing folks in Washington, I am proud to welcome Inna as a new American citizen.”


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