Proos: Senate budget solves structural deficit, sets stage for economic growth

LANSING – After the Michigan Senate approved a budget plan Wednesday to balance the state’s $1.6 billion deficit and put the state on the road to economic growth, state Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, issued the following statement:

“Families and job providers in southwest Michigan know what it means to live within their means. This landmark budget will force our state government to do the same.

“No longer will our state government fail to deal with its fiscal reality by relying on budget shifts, loans and federal government bailouts to ‘balance’ the books. With this budget plan we are finally facing the sobering truth that our residents have known all along: Michigan must address its structural deficit to get our state back on track and open for business.

“While this budget is still a work in process, we are on track to complete it by June 1.  Most importantly, the plan sets the stage for sustained economic growth.  Revitalizing our economy and creating jobs is the best way to address our long-term fiscal situation. Simply put: more jobs equals more revenue.

“As chair of the Corrections and Judiciary subcommittees, I made sure that we included reforms and efficiencies to save taxpayers millions of dollars. I am proud that the entire budget takes this pro-active approach to ensure we are getting the most for each dollar spent.

“Change is difficult, but I am convinced that solving today’s challenges will make southwest Michigan and our entire state stronger in the long run. After all, it is about our future and our one chance to change Michigan.”

Editor’s Note – Audio comments by Sen. Proos will be available in the form of a podcast on the senator’s webpage at