Proos resolution proclaims Oct. 4 as Michigan Manufacturers Day

LANSING—The Michigan Senate on Thursday approved a resolution sponsored by Sen. John Proos to designate Oct. 4 as “Michigan Manufacturers Day.”

Proos, a long-time advocate of career and technical education (CTE) expansion in schools is also the sponsor of Senate Bill 66, which seeks to make CTE more accessible to Michigan students.

“Manufacturing is part of the reason that Michigan is ranked #1 in the nation for state recovery, helping us reduce our unemployment by 35 percent — from a high of 14.2 percent in 2009 to 9 percent today,” said Proos R-St. Joseph. “Michigan Manufacturers Day is about celebrating an industry that helped build Michigan into a world leader and is still responsible for more than $70 billion in total output — one-fifth of the state’s gross state product — and direct jobs for more than 550,000 Michigan residents.”

Senate Resolution 90 states that by the 1890s, Michigan had become a national leader in the manufacture of vehicles, with over 125 manufacturers and 7,000 workers and today the industry represents 13.5 percent of Michigan’s nonfarm employment.

Proos said that he will be celebrating manufacturers day on Friday by visiting Sunset Tools in Bridgman to meet with manufacturing professionals, tour the facility and speaking about the integral role manufacturing has played in Michigan’s economy.

“After lean times, it is good to see Michigan manufacturing growing,” Proos said. “Michigan created 88,000 manufacturing jobs from December of 2009 to March 2013, ranking first in the nation and outpacing the next closest state by 50 percent. This is especially important considering manufacturing’s impact on jobs in other industries.”

Pure Michigan Workforce Development Agency says manufacturing’s multiplier effect is the largest of any industry, generating $1.40 of additional output in other industries for each dollar of final product created in manufacturing.

“I am glad to have this opportunity to draw attention to our state’s flourishing manufacturing industry,” said Joe Soberalski, executive director of Southwest Michigan Economic Growth Alliance. “It is important that we support those industries that are thriving so that they can continue to drive our economy forward.”

Soberalski joined Proos; Corey Carolla, director of business and industry at Kinexus; and Mike Johnston of the Michigan Manufacturers Association for a presentation of the resolution at the Capitol.

“Manufacturing has become the vehicle of Michigan’s recovery,” Carolla said. “It is exciting to be a part of the collaboration between the private and public sectors as well as our education system to promote this vital industry.”


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