Proos, Pscholka restore vital air medical services to Southwest Michigan

For Immediate Release                                                            Contact: Kimberly Wadaga
July 3, 2014        517-373-6960

LANSING, Mich.—Sen. John Proos and Rep. Al Pscholka announced that they were able to work with the state and local governments to correct an oversight surrounding vital air medical services out of South Bend, Ind., and allow these life-saving flights to resume serving Southwest Michigan.
Due to a clerical regulatory oversight, emergency air medical service out of South Bend, which has regularly served Southwest Michigan hospitals for years, was unable to provide services across state lines.

“Often, lives are on the line during such emergencies and the time it takes to get a patient to the closest emergency medical center can be the difference between life and death,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “Through some negotiating I was able to correct the temporary suspension of emergency air flights out of Indiana.”

The next closest air medical service provider is in Kalamazoo. Service out of Kalamazoo has at times taken 30-40 minutes—versus the 10-15 minutes it generally takes the South Bend provider.

“It was crucial that Berrien County be adequately prepared with sufficient emergency responders for this July Fourth weekend,” said Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey.  “Prior to this resolution, the public was in dire and life-threatening risk of untimely emergency response in the event of a serious incident.”

Proos and Pscholka were able to work with state and local governments to temporarily restore these services while the governments are continuing to work on a permanent solution to the problem.