Proos: Pope’s visit is history in the making

Senator John Proos

Senator John Proos

WASHINGTON — On the occasion of the first papal visit to the United States since 2008, which will include stops in Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia, Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, issued the following statement:

“I am honored as both an American and a man of the Roman Catholic faith to welcome and to witness Pope Francis’ visit to our great nation. As a modern leader, this pope has shown an ability to inspire hope in people of all faiths, races and backgrounds.

“A visit by a religious leader of this magnitude is an opportunity for all Americans to examine the principles and morals that we each value in our lives and that we endeavor to instill in our children. Among these are kindness to our neighbors, charity toward those less fortunate than we are, respect for individuals of all backgrounds and faith in something greater than ourselves.

“Each day, I strive to fulfil my duties as a Christian, a husband, a father and a public servant. The Holy Father provides us a model of grace through both his words and his deeds that is worthy of emulation.

“I encourage all of us as Americans to mark this occasion by striving to improve ourselves and to grow in faith in our own unique ways.”