Proos: Nursing home residents deserve clean, private medical exam rooms

LANSING, Mich. — The Senate Health Policy Committee on Tuesday heard from Sen. John Proos and Dr. Stuart Boekeloo of St. Joseph about reports of teeth being pulled in a nursing home’s beauty salon and bunions being removed in shower stalls.

“While it is a good things that more nursing homes are bringing in dentists and doctors to provide medical services to their residents, it is unfortunate that they often do not provide safe, healthy and hygienic environments for these medical services,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “People at assisted living homes are among are most vulnerable residents and they deserve clean, private exam rooms. My bill simply asks that these homes be equipped with a room that has privacy as well as a water source for the purpose of safely providing important medical care.”

Senate Bill 338 would require any home for the aged or nursing home that provides medical or dental services to its residents to have a private examination room for the purpose of medical or dental examination and treatment.

Under the bills, the room would need to be used exclusively for the examination and treatment of residents and would have to be kept separate from common areas, dining facilities, patient rooms and restrooms.

The bill was inspired by Boekeloo’s experience of being asked to be the resident dentist of a new assisted living home, only to discover he would be providing care out of the facility’s hair salon.


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