Proos: Michigan on road to recovery

LANSING—The achievements of the 96th Legislature have dramatically transformed the landscape in Michigan and laid the foundation for economic growth, said Sen. John Proos.

“After a decade of decline that left Southwest Michigan with double-digit unemployment, we made the tough, responsible decisions to stabilize our state budget and cultivate a better environment for job creation,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “As a result of our proactive accomplishments, Michigan is now on the road to recovery. Most importantly, the economic turnaround has produced the first positive net job growth in Michigan since 2000.

“The unemployment rates in Cass and Van Buren counties have been nearly cut in half between when I took office in January 2011 and October 2012, and in Berrien County the rate has been reduced by 39 percent.”

Among the achievements highlighted by Proos included: Replacing the job-killing Michigan Business Tax with a plan that ended double taxation for more than 95,000 small businesses; ending the practice of taxing businesses for investing or expanding in Michigan; and slashing bureaucratic red-tape that has hampered growth and job creation.

“I am proud of the historic steps we took that are already improving Michigan’s economy, protecting the rights of Michigan’s workers and making the state more responsive and accountable to the people,” Proos said. “As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I am especially pleased that we are now paying down our long-term debts and have balanced the state’s checkbook – twice – without gimmicks and in record time.

“While remaining fiscally responsible, we were also able to support our schools, promote Michigan’s outdoor recreation options and help struggling farmers. The achievements of the last two years are positive steps for Michigan, but we have much to do to build upon that success and sustain it for future generations.”


Editor’s Note – Audio comments by Sen. Proos are available on the senator’s website at Click on “Podcasts.”