Proos invites students to help reinvent Michigan

LANSING – Sen. John Proos on Thursday encouraged college students from southwest Michigan to help reinvent Michigan by entering a $24,000 annual competition to find solutions to improve the state’s infrastructure.

“Our college students are southwest Michigan’s greatest untapped resource. As the next generation of leaders and job providers, they are Michigan’s future,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “I encourage our young people to get involved in solving the problem of improving our roads and bridges during tough economic and budgetary times. Frequently the best and most innovative ideas come from citizens and particularly young citizens – which is exactly what Michigan needs right now.”

Students Reinventing Michigan is sponsoring the annual competition to engage students in finding solutions to contemporary problems facing the Legislature and residents of Michigan. The contest is open to all undergraduates attending Michigan universities, colleges and community colleges.

The competition topic is “How the Legislature can improve Michigan’s infrastructure with public support in these challenging times?” The $24,000 contest includes a $10,000 grand prize, $5,000 second prize, ten $500 third prizes and $4,000 in instructor prizes.  All entries are due Nov. 15, 2011 and award winners will be announced Jan. 15, 2012.

“We must keep up our infrastructure and transportation system so that current businesses and new industry can move their goods efficiently around the state,” Proos said. “Job creation is priority number one for me, and it will be our young people who will benefit most from that.”

First and second prize winners will be invited to present their plans to a joint hearing of the Senate and House Transportation committees. For more on the competition, including information on how to register and submit proposals, students may visit the sponsor’s website at:

Students Reinventing Michigan is a nonprofit organization with a civic mission that includes promoting the education and training of students to recognize contemporary problems and propose solutions that will benefit the common good and general welfare of the community.