Proos first Senate bill passed

LANSING – Sen. John Proos recently won approval of his first Senate bill.  His legislation, as passed by the Michigan Senate, would help provide greater access to beaches by allowing a group of homeowners to construct a beach or residential lift.

“There are many areas of southwest Michigan where natural features – such as bluffs or cliffs – prevent easy access to the beach,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “My bill would allow a group of neighbors to share a private residential lift. Currently only an individual homeowner is allowed to construct a lift. It is not only costly but unsightly and punitive. This legislation would give more families and tourists access to our beautiful lakes and beaches by allowing a group to share the cost of a lift.”

Senate Bill 245 would permit a residential lift to be installed, maintained and used by members of a homeowners group of up to 20 residential dwellings along the Great Lakes.

“This proactive approach cuts unnecessary red tape, encourages economic development and job creation, adds to the quality of life and helps increase local property values,” Proos said.  “It is a common-sense solution that strikes a balance between protecting our natural wonders and providing a needed boost for both the construction and realty industries in southwest Michigan.”

Proos added: “I thank my Senate colleagues for unanimously approving my first legislation as a Michigan senator, and I look forward to working with the House and governor to help provide greater access to our beaches by enacting this bill into law.”

SB 245 has been sent to the House of Representatives for further consideration and is expected to come before the House Committee on Regulatory Reform next week.