Proos encourages state to ‘Buy Michigan’

Sen. John Proos is urging the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) and other state agencies to utilize Pure Michigan Business Connect to fill the state’s procurement needs and stimulate its economy.

“Initiated in 2011 by Governor Snyder, Pure Michigan Business Connect promotes a ‘Buy Michigan’ goal by helping connect purchasers with Michigan suppliers,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “Southwest Michigan businesses are already seeing the many benefits of this program. By ensuring all state entities use this recourse to best fill the state’s needs, we can offer taxpayers a greater value for each dollar and also help boost our economy.”

Proos sponsored Senate Resolution 70, which encourages DTMB, the state’s primary purchasing agent, to use the business connect program when filling the state’s procurement needs. Those needs equate to about 1,173 contracts with a total value of more than $32 billion.

“We owe it to all Michigan families and job providers that we ensure the state is using their tax dollars efficiently and in a manner that supports our state economy,” Proos said. “We can achieve both these objectives by using an innovative system already proven to connect Michigan job providers to new opportunities through a business-to-business network.

“Using the Pure Michigan Business Connect program can help us use the billions of dollars spent annually by the state to impact our economy while also receiving the greatest bang for the buck.”

The $8 billion business connection program is run by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in conjunction with state agencies and major Michigan companies and organizations for facilitating and growing opportunities available to Michigan businesses. It also provides the resources for businesses to expand their supply chain; find new customers; connect with similar businesses; and receive low- or no-cost business aid, such as legal and accounting services.

“DTE Energy and Consumers Energy have increased their combined Michigan purchases and contracts by more than $1 billion since the program began in 2011 – creating or saving more than 3,400 Michigan jobs,” Proos said. “The utilities recently pledged to spend more than $2 billion during the next three years on Michigan-based companies. They are stepping up to support Michigan jobs and so should the state.”

Proos noted that recently 45 other organizations, from Ford Motor Company to Michigan State University, have also joined the initiative to increase purchasing with Michigan businesses.

For more information about Pure Michigan Business Connect visit On the website, visitors can also find a business, request a professional service or apply for a membership in the program.


Editor’s Note – Audio comments by Sen. Proos are available on the senator’s webpage at Click on “Podcasts.”