Proos: electric vehicles represent Michigans future

LANSING— Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, discussed plug-in electric vehicles and the charging station infrastructure being built to support them with Consumers Energy Smart Grid Communications Coordinator Roger Morgenstern today outside the Capitol.  Consumers Energy is part of the Michigan Plug-in Electric Vehicle Preparedness Task Force, which brought Chevrolet Volts and charging stations to Lansing to show state lawmakers.

“Electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt represent Michigan’s future, in which technological innovation drives our economy and job market,” Proos said. “Plug-in electrics, hybrids and using other alternative energy sources are critical if we are to meet the challenge of creating jobs and also solving our dependence on Middle East oil.”

The task force gave an update on the progress toward eliminating barriers to charging access to the Senate Energy and Technology Committee, on which Proos serves as vice chair.

Consumers Energy offers an online Plug-in Electric Vehicle Calculator to estimate the annual cost of charging your vehicle compared to a gasoline powered vehicle.  The calculator is available at

The above photograph of Proos and Morgenstern is available by clicking on the image or by visiting the senator’s photowire.