Proos’ bill would update car seat standards, protect children

LANSING—Sen. John Proos is introducing legislation to update the state’s child car safety seat law to ensure the safety of young children and infants in Michigan.

“These bills put the safety of Michigan’s children first,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “My bill is about sending a statement that Michigan takes child protection seriously and that we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of child passengers in our state.” 

Proos’ bill would bring Michigan’s car seat standards in line with recommendations from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Academy of Pediatrics and recent University of Michigan research. 

“Unfortunately, children do not remain in rear facing car seats long enough. Recent studies have found that injuries could have been avoided had children been in the proper seat,” Proos said. 

A companion bill, sponsored by Sen. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan, would allow health care professionals to refer parents to a National Child Passenger Certified Technician. It would prohibit health care organizations from preventing their employees from recommending car seat checks to new parents. 

“I co-sponsored this reform after a member of my staff recently had a baby,” Proos said. “Her nurses expressed concern that newborns and other children were being discharged from the hospital into unsafe car seats and they weren’t allowed to say anything.

“I was shocked that health care professionals would be prevented from helping refer families to the right technician to make sure their newborns are safely locked and loaded into their car seats. This bill would ensure that the safety of the child will always be the top priority.”

Proos has always been an advocate for car seat safety. In 2013, with the partnership of local Berrien County Magistrate Steve Doak, Proos closed a loophole in the law that let the parents of kids without a car seat off the hook. It is Public Act 35 of 2013. 


Editor’s Note –Audio comments by Proos WILL BE AVAILABLE LATER on the senator’s webpage at Click on “Audio” under the Media Center tab.