1,633 residents ‘attend’ Proos tele-town hall

Senator John Proos

Senator John Proos

LANSING, Mich. — During a tele-town hall meeting with Sen. John Proos on Tuesday, more than 1,600 Southwest Michigan residents were able to express their priorities for the future.

A tele-town hall meeting is a telephone conference call in which residents can speak to and ask questions of Proos. The Sept. 12 meeting was the latest in a series of tele-town halls Proos has held throughout his time in the state Legislature.

“I want to thank everyone who participated in Tuesday night’s successful tele-town hall, and I encourage those who could not participate to contact my office and share their priorities,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “The best thing about using this tele-town hall technology is that it provides a forum to talk with thousands of hardworking families and job providers about what we have been doing and hear from them about their goals and concerns.

“During this town hall, eight people asked me direct questions on a series of important issues facing our state and region, including auto insurance rates, school vouchers, criminal sentencing and public transportation.”

Residents also actively participated by submitting responses to five poll questions on auto insurance rates, veterans issues and their families.

“Once again, it was wonderful to answer many smart questions from residents and to get real-time feedback about how we can continue to improve our state,” Proos said. “Based on the results of this town hall, it’s clear that pocketbook issues and preparing out children for success are still top priorities for Southwest Michigan families — and for me as well.”

When asked what the most important issue to them was, 30 percent of respondents said auto insurance rates, 25 percent said education and 20 percent said Second Amendment rights.

“The shift in focus from worries about jobs to discussions about reducing family costs and enhancing our way of life is a positive sign and an illustration of how much we’ve achieved to improve our economy and help create new opportunities,” Proos said.


Editor’s note: Audio comments by Proos are available at www.SenatorJohnProos.com/Audio.